Movie genre:
 Drama/History/ThrillerOntario Movie Rating: 14AOpening date: October 2012Starring:
 Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin, John GoodmanDirector:
 Ben Affleck           Tobacco use: Yes, many times Argo is based on the true events that took place in revolutionary Iran during 1980. The film follows Tony Mendez (Ben Affleck), CIA agent as he creates a fake movie, Argo, as an attempt to extract six fugitive Americans who are hiding in the house of the Canadian Ambassador.The film was captivating and real, from beginning to end. Amazing performance from Ben Affleck as well as other cast members. I don’t want to give anything away but there any many scenes in this film that had me on the edge of my seat. The final scene will make you hold your breath. Overall a well made movie and quite possibly the best film I have seen all year (although I throw that phrase around so much it has lost all meaning). Although this is a youth rated film, it does contain mature content, such as violence, war, strong language, and tobacco use.Perhaps in an effort to make a 70’s/80’s movie based on true events appear more believable; there was SO MUCH SMOKING in this film. Smoking in the office, smoking on the airplane, men smoking, women smoking, army men smoking. Our star and director, Ben Affleck, was relentlessly smoking cigarettes throughout the film. Although there was so much emphasis on cigarettes in this film I think that they did a well enough job of convincing the viewers that it was taking place in the 80’s through the huge mustaches, clothing and even the cinematography that cigarettes were completely unnecessary. Society has left this habit in the past so why can’t our filmmakers? Oscar Spotlight: Best Picture, Actor in a Supporting Role (Alan Arkin), Film Editing, Music, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Writing, Adapted Screenplay

Anna Karenina

Movie genre:
 History/Drama/RomanceOntario Movie Rating: 14AOpening date: November 2012Starring:
 Keira Knightley, Jude LawDirector:
 Joe WrightTobacco use: Yes, many timesAnna Karenina takes place in late 19th century Russia. The main character, Anna Karenina is a Russian aristocrat who finds herself trapped in a suspenseful love triangle.Overall, the acting was very good and the visuals were stunning. I did find however, that the film dragged on a bit and could have been a little shorter. Very ‘pride and prejudice’, so if you like a dramatic, tragic love story. Not bad.Smoking? BAD. There was so much emphasis on cigarettes, cigars and just smoking in general, in this film. Main characters, supporting characters, background characters, all smoking. There were few scenes that didn’t have smoking in them! Women smoking thin, elegant cigarettes and men smoking obnoxiously large pipes and cigars. The director was obviously trying to make the cigarette-smoking look sexy but it was just awkward and unnecessary. The smoking could have been taken out and I wouldn’t have even noticed.Oscar Spotlight: Anna Karenina is nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Costume Design, Best Music, Best Production Design.

Life of Pi

Movie genre:
 AdventureOntario Movie Rating: PGOpening date: November 2012Starring:
 Suraj Sharma, Irrfan KhanDirector:
 Ang LeeTobacco use: NoneLife of Pi is a coming of age story about a young Indian boy who is traveling with his family to make a new start in America, when tragedy strikes. When the ship that is carrying him and family sinks in the middle of the ocean, Pi is forced to fend for himself on a lifeboat, where his only company is an orangutan, a zebra, a hyena and a Bengal tiger.Life of Pi was an overall enchanting film. The filmography was stunning and the story was a tear jerking. With just the right amount of romance and adventure, Life of Pi is suitable for the entire family and one of the better ‘books-to-film” that I have seen in a while.There is absolutely no smoking in this film, which makes it even more appropriate for the whole family to see!  Oscar Spotlight: Life of Pi is nominated for Best Picture and Best Director (Ang Lee).

Les Misérables

Movie genre: MusicalOntario Movie Rating: PG 13Opening date: December 25, 2012Starring: Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe and Amanda SeyfriedDirector: Tom HooperTobacco use: Twice Based on the play, Les Miserables takes places in the time of the French Revolution and follows the life of Jean Valjean who is a man on parole given a second chance at life. The movie adaptation of Les Mis was incredible, in my opinion. All of the actors fit their part perfectly and the use of live singing in the movie allowed the audience to feel the true, raw emotions of the characters. Anne Hathaway, who played the character Fantine, completely stole the show and I can predict an Oscar nomination in her near future. However, I felt that the movie was a bit long and some of the camera work in the beginning was a little too “in your face.” Overall, I truly enjoyed the movie and would definitely recommend this film to people who love theatre and musicals.   There was smoking of pipes twice in this film and both parts were when the young men were getting ready to fight the French army. I did not find the smoking at all necessary and I wouldn’t even have noticed it if it had been left out, as I believe it should have been. It did not enhance the scene in any way; in fact it kind of disgusted me that they were showing young males smoking tobacco.


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